Individual Coaching, Cleanses & Visits

Individual Consultation

  • One-on-one consultation (Skype, phone, or in-person)
  • Individualized shopping list and instructions sent via email following consult
  • Cost for one-hour consult: $150 (including a follow-up 15-minute Skype session a week later)
  • Cost for 30-minute consult: $75 (including a follow-up 5-minute Skype session a week later)
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Cleanse Program

  • Initial one-on-one 60-minute consult
  • Shopping lists, weekly menus
  • Unlimited email access to Alexandra
  • A meal plan created just for you
  • 10-minute phone check-ins
  • The Guidance/Coaching Program is available online or in-person (Los Angeles)
  • Cost: $350 for 3 weeks, $650 for 6 weeks

Supermarket Tours

  • Meet Alexandra at your local health food store, and enjoy a fun-filled, educational adventure. This visit will empower you to shop and prepare for the weeks ahead.
  • Learn delicioushealthy recipes, how to read and understand ingredient labels, exposure to a variety of new vegetables and how to shop on a budget..
  • Cost: $150/hour

Restore Your Pantry

  • Set yourself up for success with the pantry cleansing program
  • Rid your kitchen of toxic foods and products
  • Learn what foods you to stock your fridge fridge, and educate yourself on product labels
  • A clean kitchen with good vibes is the makings of a path to success
  • Cost: $150/hour

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Bring the gift of health and wellness to your place of business...

  • Fun, insightful, practical, and life changing workshops that will increase employee productivity, energy levels, and improve company moral. 
  • Utilize an interactive approach that will facilitate personalized engagement amongst employees which is designed to meet their specific wants and needs.
  • Detailed recipes, handouts, and food samples all to back the educational process
  • Benefits: Lower longterm health care costs, less sick days, fewer claims. 
  • Favorite Workshops: "Eating for Energy" and "Beverages & Snacks to Improve Productivity"
  • Prices being at $400 for a one-hour lunch lecture
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College Lectures

Alexandra tours the country speaking at numerous colleges and universities, providing motivational nutritional lectures. She most recently toured the Los Angeles area speaking at the University of Southern California, and California State University Los Angeles.

Alexandra just might be the person to end the freshman 15!
— Arthur Altman, University of Southern California
She is an inspiration to college students everywhere!
— Taylor Mech, California State University Los Angeles

Alexandra would love to speak and inspire at your school.