Homemade Hemp MYLK in 5 Minutes!

Whenever I go to purchase nut milks I am over whelmed by all the additives. My biggest concern is soy lectin, since processed soy contains estrogen-like compounds that can impair female fertility and mess with thyroid function. While I love making my own nut mills at home, it can be hard if I’m in a rush. Hemp milk however is super easy to make and is rich in omega 3, omega 6, 10 essential amino acids and 4 grams of digestible protein.

1 cup raw shelled hemp seeds
3 cups filtered water
Pinch of Celtic sea salt
A pinch of cinnamon * For a sweetened version add 2 pitted dates

Directions :Place in a blender and mix on high for 2 minutes till smooth and frothy. It will last for 5 days in the fridge