Cute Skin with Boss Babe Kasey Boone of Glow Skincare

Since my teens I have been on a quest to achieve flawless and glowing skin. While diet, lifestyle and gut health play a major role in the quality of your skin, home care and creating a simple beauty routine is also key. To unlock the secrets of perfect skin, I spent an afternoon with my new friend Kasey Boone, owner and head esthetician at Glow Skincare in Toluca Lake, where she spoiled me with a yummy goji berry face mask, hydrodermabrasion and shared tips and tricks on how she gets her glowy complexion. 

Meet Kasey Boone

Kasey Boone, Owner and head esthetician of Glow Skincare has been treating clients for 12 years and has owned Glow Skincare for the past 7. " She was a dancer, inspired to be a make-up artist turned esthetician" who has always loved everything beauty. Now skin and Glow are her True Passion. She specializes in Hydrodermabrasion, Peels, Microchanneling , Customized facials, organic spray tans and more! Kasey has appeared on BRAVOS Real House Wives of Beverly Hillsand TruTVs Upscale with Prentice Penny.

Cute Skincare 

Eat Cute: What is your skincare routine?

Kasey: I cleanse daily with a moisturizing cleanser, firming serum, hylaronic acid moisturizer and antioxidant SPF during the day. Retinol, vitamin C and more hylaronic acid moisturizer at night with opti crystal eye cream!

Eat Cute: What is the biggest mistake you see your clients make when it comes to skincare?

Kasey: I see a few very common things. Over exfoliating or under exfoliating, it’s really a delicate  balance

Eat Cute: What are some simple skincare tips/ tricks people can incorporate at home? 

Kasey: Don’t pick, always wash your face, but don’t over wash. Make sure you are hydrating with a water based moisturizer

Eat Cute: What are your favorite products you think everyone should have? 

Kasey: Serum 16(retinol) pure C (vitamin c) opti crystal (best eye cream) water melon sleeping mask 

Eat Cute: What are the benefits of a goji berry mask? 

Kasey: Protect, hydrate and brighten. Aid in healing , fight free radicals, encourage collagen production and cool down the skin.

Cute Tip: Visit Kasey at Glow Skincare and ask for their goji berry face mask! I also love their organic spray tans if you want to achieve a golden tan without damaging your skin by laying in the sun.