Cheers! A Tequila Worth Toasting To!

Photo By Zachary Smith

Photo By Zachary Smith

Sipping on an herb infused cocktail is one of my favorite treats. Like the food I eat, I am a strong believer that the alcohol I drink should also be high in quality and void of chemicals or additives. Having always enjoyed a simple tequila with sparkling water and muddled citrus, I thought I was knocking it out of the park. That is until one day I discovered that my favorite commercial brands were adding fillers and finishing agents to their tequilas. Companies do this because they believe their customers are looking for the same color, consistency and taste each time they purchase the brand. In order to appease their consumers, they add artificial flavors. Another sneaky trick is tequila brands will add caramel coloring to darken the color to give the appearance of aging. 

I thought my sugar-free margarita days were over until I met Blake Landis, one of the founding members of Angelisco Tequila. First off, Blake is one of the most warm and delightful people you will ever meet. My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at Blake's restaurant Cinco experiencing what pure tequila is all about. 

While sipping on a delicious, naturally sweetened margarita Blake whipped up for me, I learned all about the ‘One-Percent Rule.' Blake explained that it is legal for companies to add one percent of total volume, on additives of: caramel color, oak extract, glycerin and "sugar-based syrup" (like agave nectar), but not only from agave. While one percent might seem small, it can change the taste by adding unnatural sweetness to your tequila and unnecessary chemicals into your body.

Angelisco Tequila is created in the picturesque highlands of Jalisco, Mexico located in the heart of the “Golden Triangle” of Los Altos. "The high elevation with its hot days and cool nights, and the deep red, iron rich, clay soils cause the agaves to struggle, lengthening their life cycle and complexity.  Angelisco’s tequilas are single-estate grown, 100% blue weber agave sourced from the Aceves family fields in the “Golden Triangle” of Los Altos (the Highlands) of Jalisco. Piñas (hearts of agave) are steam cooked for 24 hours, followed by a 72 hour open-air fermentation, double distilled in stainless steel pot still with copper components.  There are no additives or finishing agents." 

Learning about where my food and drinks come from is really important to me. While shopping at my local farmers market, I have come to know the growers personally and I can now say the same for my tequila. Blake showed me photos of his agave plants on his phone, hosted our own personal tequila tasting and taught me how to make a margarita. Most importantly,  I got to see how much love and consciousness Blake and his co- owners put into their brand with the intent of making clean and affordable tequila for their customers.   

If you love a tasty tequila then I full heartedly recommend you give Angelisco Tequila a try!  #eatcuteapproved