4 Ways Tongue Scraping Can Change Your Life!

Eat Cute- Tongue

While strolling down the isles of your local health food store, you may have passed a small section of natural dental care. Undoubtably in this section you will find a U shaped tool known as a tongue scraper. While this tool looks pretty basic, it can unlock the key to deep cleansing and detoxification. Upon waking, scrape your tongue before drinking your morning glass of water to avoid the swallowing of bacteria and toxins. Scrape your tongue, then brush your teeth and then you can have your morning water.

Cute Scraping! 
1. Take the scraper and place at the back of the tongue.
2. Gently glide forward, scraping off the film
3. Rinse and repeat 5 times.
4. Sterilize your scraper with rubbing alcohol after each use

Check out all the incredible benefits of daily tongue scraping. 

1. Improves Breath
Whether you are waking up next to a loved one or having some one on one cuddle time with yourself bad breath is no fun. You might notice a white or yellow film on your tongue. This is the bacteria that feeds on left over food particles and dead cells. Yuck! You will be immediately amazed by how clean your breath will be simply by scraping your tongue each morning. 

2. Removes Toxins and Bacteria  
While you think brushing your tongue is just as good as scraping, it unfortunately doesn't work. Tooth brushes are not designed for surfaces like a tongue that are spongy and flexible. By scraping off the bacteria you will help create a healthy balance of bacteria in your mouth and prevent and overgrowth. 

3. Improves Digestion
When it comes to health and vitality digestion is EVERYTHING! We want to be able to eat foods that nourish our body, mind and spirit! Digestion has a massive effect on energy, cleansing, mental health, skin, hair and more! By enhancing your digestion you can help you body release toxins. Digestion begins in the mouth with enzymes that help you break down your food. By removing the bacteria you are improving your sense of taste and therefore enhancing your enzyme production. 

4. Improves Taste
You would be surprised how you taste buds will change by scraping your tongue daily. It's like cleaning your glasses and suddenly you can see! Your taste buds will awaken and food will taste better! 

This is the one I got and it's awesome! Getting a copper scraper is advised since copper is anti-microbial and helps regulate fungi.